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Family Meeting Complete Set


Everything you need to hold your first Family Meeting!


a wooden message box with enough custom H&FL notecards to last most families a year or more

a beautiful wooden pen

a custom H&FL Family Meeting Notebook with a full years worth of weekly meeting templates

a turn taking stone

Once you have read our article, 5 Unexpected Ways Family Meetings Can Make Your Life Better you will have all the information you need to start your weekly family meetings.  This complete set takes your Family Meetings one step further with this botanical themed set.  The Home and Family Life Year of Family Meetings Notebook containing templates to guide you through a year of family meetings. The a functional yet pretty wooden box holds over 200 custom designed message cards for your family to write their notes of gratitude, reminders, to dos, suggestions, and ideas needed requests. A wooden pen can be housed in the message box and then used for family meetings. Additionally included is a turn taking stone.  This simple object can be a great way of teaching children to take turns talking and minimize interruptions.  Whoever holds the stone is the person whose turn it is to talk.

Weight36 oz
Dimensions12 × 9 × 5 in


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